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Customized Treatment Plans for Each Patient

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At Functional Fit, our approach to wellness is rooted in our belief in a science-based, individualized treatment plan for each of our patients. Using the latest technology in the field of wellness, Functional Fit has been able to change the lives of thousands of people in South Florida. Whether you are suffering from issues related to chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes or an athlete looking to perform at the highest possible level, We have the staff, knowledge, and experience to help.


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Our Process

Once we get the results our physician will work with you on creating a custom treatment plan for you.

First, we run a comprehensive panel of tests to determine exactly what level your markers are at.

Next, based on your test results, our Registered Dietician will create a custom diet for you designed to reduce inflammation and bring insulin levels back to normal.

Finally we pair you with a Personal Trainer to not only help burn extra calories but to help increase insulin receptor site sensitivity.

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